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Parental alienation, simply put, occurs when one parent turns a child against the other parent and his or her family. Parental alienation manifests as the systematic denigration of one parent by the other with the intent of disrupting what would otherwise be a loving parent-child bond. This behavior can accompany high-conflict marriages, but most often accompanies family separation or divorce where legal action is involved. Whether verbal or not, the behavior causes a child to be mentally manipulated or bullied into believing a loving parent is the cause of all their problems, and/or an enemy to be feared, hated, disrespected and avoided.

Parental Alienation Awareness Events

Date: 25 April 2018
Bubbles can't be contained, neither should love for a child.

Date: 07 August 2018
National Night Out

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Our Mission

To bring to light Parental Alienation, the hostile, aggressive parenting tactic by one parent toward the other.
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Because parental alienation is difficult to understand, we are here to educate.

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PAAO USA is accountable to our donors ensuring all contributions are used for education and awareness.
“Children naturally want to love and be with both parents. However, their own needs are often pushed aside as they are caught in the parents’ war.”
Parental Alienation Awareness Organization USA


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